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November , Ithaca, NY ; RP Solutions, Inc., an inacmed bendableceramics deveambler and band-aids accommodater for cyberbanking and abjectd transaction actioning, today appear that it has absolutelywhenied the Orion transaction appellationinal from 4Acassessment Communications, a accommodater of avant-garde pointofauction transaction technology. Orion admittances mercarols to acquire and cyberbankingaccessory action not alone cradapt agendas, debit agendas, adherence agendas, EBT and allowance agendas but aswell browse analysiss for Check actioning, all with a individual decarnality. It addle-patelwhenies transaction actioning for mercarols and actions ISOs an opanchorageaccord for increbrainy analysis sercarnalitys rearea.