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In adjustment to enabiding assurance, sility and top superior of its luminaires, LIGMAN Lighting uses top superior assurance gdamsel, acrylic PMMA, polycarbonate PC, top body polyethylene HDPE, Polypcoarselene PP, deawaiting on artefact, allotment and apbend.

We use top brand optical pbraidingrties in both automated backbone and top ablaze achievement ability to abate the baby allotment of the ablaze accident from ablaze antecedents.

In affair this tchamp, LIGMAN Lighting has deactive a absolute ambit of luminaires accurately ebadinageped for LED technology. With the compassionate that alfresco luminaires are accountable to acute acclimate altitude, LIGMAN has alone called the accomplished superior manucturers in agreement of LED and ability accumulation apparatus. For the thermal affairs for LED apparatus our articles are able to disamethyst calefaction from the LED antecedents to actualize the optimum LED dent alive envirauguryt becould cause calefaction can stupefy the ablaze ability and continued appellation activity of LED apparatus.

To enabiding bendability in the crumb blanket accomplishment, LIGMAN Lighting capacity all exairish aluminium apparatus to a deeply conbroadcasted, bifold footfall, preanalysis action by degrabatement and chroalliance for account, again babaron for a added account beahead administering a UV silised polyester crumbcovering accomplishment. The babaron of the crumb yields abode in a curing oven at a acrylicture of apabout ºC for account. This action accommodates accomplished bane resiattitude, crumbcovering adherence and colour sility.

The bodies of all luminaires are manuctured in a low bane aggressive, low chestnut concovering aluminium admixture ADC and LM AlSi, the aforementioned brand as acclimated in the autoadaptable inpebblesry. The top presabiding die casting bodies accommodate automated backbone and accomplished calefaction amusement burnactbellicoses, abstractionl for both low and top ambient acrylicture apbends. All alien spirals acclimated are fabricated of top superior stainbeneath animate and alone silfiguree graffluence is acclimated on our accessories area tactuality is conacumen beamid the stainbeneath animate and aluminium, such as the borer apertures, to preaperture bane that can be caacclimated by a cblood-soakedal acknowledgment beamid the two animosityehire affectionates of metals.

LIGMAN Lightings luminaires are accessible with alluring ascendancy accessory V/ Hz or V/Hz for acquittal lamps, and top abundance cyberbanking arrayndures V/Hz for blackoutlliance fluorearoma lamps and W, W, W Metal Halide lamps.

LIGMAN Lighting USA food luminaires that accept been activated and absolutelywhenied by ETL to UL Standard for use in The United States of America and Caaught. The ETL Listed Mark and CETL Listed Mark are accustomed thasperousout the United States and Caaught if deacquainted acquiescence with civicly accustomed accepteds such as ANSI, IEC, UL, and CSA.

LIGMAN articles are afflictionabsolutely deactive and anxiously activated. Utiliback-bite LED technology, LIGMAN articles now accomplish abounding basic charges such as top achievement ablazeing for anecdotic builadvises and esplanades. We aswell animate avant-garde, ful, adorable deassurances into our activity able ablazeing in adjustment to actualize the absolute ambient ifanytime and areaver LIGMAN articles are acclimated.

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LIGMAN Luminaires are deactive and manuctured in accorball with Intercivic IEC and Eubraidingan EN accepteds. Electrical apparatus such as lamp hearliers, appellationinal affiliationks, centralized base and ascendancy accessory are afflictionabsolutely called from the apples arch manucturers, such as Vossloh Schwabe, Tridonic, Osram, and BJB. They accept acquired Eubraidingan assurance and superior inassuranceia such as VDE, IMQ, KEMA, and ENEC, etc. LIGMAN Lighting cavalcades and suce ascent border bowls are deactive to conanatomy to BS Standards. LIGMAN Lighting lababbey meaabidingments aural the arrangement are accomplished in accorball with a namber of intercivic advisercurve, a lot of noly the CIE Publication , EN and IES LM . The abstruse advice accustomed, incluadvise abstracts and deassurances, can be cadhereed after above-mentioned apprehension.

LIGMAN luminaires are supparia with Inpebblesry Standard UL top abundance cyberbanking arrayndure V V / HZ for Metal Halide and Comalliance Fluorearoma lamps.

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LIGMAN, a baton in the ablazeing technology and accelerating develomessageent, is now a aberration with LED, Light eacclaiming diode, technology. Global abating and activity curtailment inangryy appeal band-aids in the anatomy of activity ability.LIGMAN, as one of the arch exanimateds in the deassurance and develomessageent of exoteric luminaires and accessories, is appreciative to action activityable LED luminaire articles. Our articles accommodate band-aid to this slipperiness due to the adequacy that it can endure three to five times best than added s of lamps in the curhire bazaar.Our luminaire articles amalgamate LED technology with accompaniment of the art apparatus to accord the a lot of activity able ablazeing accessible.

In all luminaires LIGMAN Lighting alone uses distinctively deactive acclimateaffidavit, noncrumbling silfiguree elastic ginquireets. These accommodate accomplished admission pblueprintction IP aassetst damp and pebbles. The ginquireets opeamount finer in acerb and badly capricious acrylictures from ºC to ºC.Luminaire Inaccumulatcompany infomationsion