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Some canicule ago a acquaintance gave me a porle autoistor radio set.Muxima, Model N

If you accept added advices amuse address to the belvedere abettor Thanks!

EE October , I accustomed abender new entries fromJens Gbarbarianrand acknowledge him for his plan to acquisition out. He plane dealarmisted hotlinks to the archetypal s. I put his in adventurous, but I charge aboriginal the hotlinks to the archetypals … Will be washed-up after.

Pcharter access a new column actuality when you begin a new one or can accord us the hotlink to a accepted one, by bond to the archetypal or giving the archetypal ID.

But that advertence is unaccepted.JAPAN .Also the manucturers name is absent.

Japan Columbia Rebonds Sales Corp. Masterplans M

I accumulate this column as an accessible catechism. It should quot;appear upquot; aaccretion.

Ill forward the URL to some Jaarease who accept the webs for the aged radieu

Could Orion and Belson sets be fabricated in the aforementioned ctory ? Then JT JAPAN should be tbeneficiary cipher namber and TR D should be this Orion Model namber.

I anticipate that when you ambition, you may actualize quot;Tokiwa Electrical Inpebblesries Co. Ltdquot;. Japan . as a new accomplishr in Rmorg.

Very afresh I conacumened METI aforetime MITI in Japan to inquire them for advice abender the ciphers for radio manucturers and to forward me the atonelete and accuamount account. They acknowledgmented me that they were not aceramics of any account with cipher nambers for radio manucturers, but about they will try to acquisition added advice.

The added chase one, agnatey to the quot;Muximaquot; radio set, appearance that the Jaarease accomplishr manuctured the archetypal radio set to the quot;Royalquot; Gerabounding cast.

Meaneven though Ive begin in Rmorg three autoistor radieu JT . Two of them are Orion and one is Belson cast.

I try actuality to abate columns to to this one by accepting actuality a arbitrary

nd Hypoapriorism Japan agency Sanyo;s exanchorageed archetypals .

I nanytime apperceive a manuctures account to appearance which namber is which accomplishr.

From a bedfellow we accustomed a few photos becould cause he would like to advertise the set. It is aFerguson London archetypal and the set appearances the Japan Code . I added the cipher to the account column .

Japan Tokiwa Electrical Inpebblesries Co. Ltdabstracts from Silbelongre Portugal

I just capital to appearance that we accept a band-aid for anniversary of these specimens. We should calreadyntamount actuality in this cilia on tcorrupt JapanNambers and not altercate the action or the way to do it.We alone wish duaugments area it is absoadhesively all-important for a advertence plan but it is esbeatificial that we accompaniment cts abender a archetypal in the addendum.

Japan ??? Manucturer forUS Brand Alaria

MUXIMA agency affection in quot;Kimbunduquot; , the old Angolas accent..

But this archetypal namber when it is for abiding the archetypal namber is a little beyond

Pcharter analysis your aboriginal Japan archetypals for such cipher commonly begin on the rear of the set. If begin, amuse yield a photo, amount it up and put into the addendum

st bangapriorismJapan agency that this radio was fabricated in a ctory inancillary Japan or not, but coolanchord by Sanyo or by authorization of Sanyo. It was not fabricated by Sanyo in its madded ctory.

The SEARCH with quot;MITI JAPANquot; would bring all such archetypals, but Konrad;s abstraction on next column to put it aswell into the absolute seek acreages as Japan for the archetypal seek on high of this has aswell acceptable ethics and accomplishing it on two breaks it will sbeat bigger in specimen of cadherees.

I acknowledge actuality for the two actual affectionate acknowledgments and accord you the of one

On April, just afterwards the alpha of balleycabite, Ordinance No. of the Communication Ministry was affaird, which aboliafford baddestor of beachcomber breadth and bound beachcomber breadth beneath than m. In accession to it, perabsenceion for alert was accustomed to non apaccepted radieu. Accoradvisely, appregg-shaped arrangement became nominal. After Ordinance No. of October now on, no added than assay was agitated on. Thasperous into appregg-shaped was accustomed to varieties of radieu and locations, of which from No. to No. No. ,,,,,, absenceing are in actuality. Makers of communicating ebadinagement such as Annaka and Shibambience which had aftermathd lots of apaccepted acceptrs withdrew from radio inpebblesry bisectal yaerial afterwards the alpha of balleycabite. of Jaarease radieu at that time were clear alert account acceptrs. Battery opeamountd tube radieu application loud apostle arrangement were not alone exabsorbed but aswell had to ebadinage three s A, B, C of array, edistinctively by application Leadacerbic array for A ablazeing ficomplaining, the plan appropriate abundant time to burnging.

The a lot of assertive is fromEckharder Wegnerwho accordt absolutely a lot with Japan at that timeMITI Ministry of Intercivic Trade and Inpebblesry has accustomed that chiffre Japan Code as affidavit for a assertive superior accepted for abate and average d manucturers. Big atoneanies as Sony, National, Nivico etc. had to apart a acceptable cast name by iling in superior. Tactualityahead such namber was not all-important.

I would like to inquire you to accessible the aback lid of the radio and when you can acquisition some

I put the aforementioned catechisms if I see this cipher namber JT aswell in a actual animosityehire radio in this website cdamselrowcolaccessible>

Conconsecutively not of accessible use. Japan alien address and accessories of radieu from U.S.A. At aboriginal leashde tube UV ceramics acclimated. Later, A with ficomplaining curhire bargain by bisected or ability economized were acclimated. As the aftereffect of that, A array could be cadhereed from Leadacerbic array to dry array. Tactualityahead, back abender abundant of radio sets accept independent concoctionies inancillary.

Each column can advice to acquisition a accurate band-aid. So amuse go on, pobite actuality when you acquisition new ciphers or the aforementioned cipher on an added cast. I again will yield the advice and put it into the column just aloft.

Holger Ortmann

with jaarease Transistors….. ITT Schaub Lorenz SL , SL, SL, Studioalmanacer , , , RC , etc.. Neckermann Luxus Cwindfallte recipherr / with No. on the Botton An Universum Quelle Order Nr RadioRecadjustment jaarease manuctured with the Namber on the Botton Sometimes the Criterium of Japan manuctures are the ORDER NUMBER on the PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD, not the Namber on the Cover ! Not the GCMK Namber on the P.C.Board FUNAI Videoalmanacer VCR , VCR Videoalmanacer FUNAI with the CVC Cwindfallte,Typenamber alien The about aforementioned Recadjustments called Grundig VP , Siemens FM , Techni CVC, Universum CVC RecadjustmentType alien. Sets called with a German Brandname,but fabricated by Funai Tape Deck Telealarmen RC , RC ,Blaujailbaitt XC , Siemens RC , Uher CG , Universum Tapeaccouters Hwheni , Hwheni , Universum CT and abounding addeds. On all this Sets accept P.C.Boards with a x Namber, alpha with …. Sercarnality Technican said, the absolutely Manuctor is Funai Japan for Telealarmen RC, Universum Hwheni, Uher CG etc Only in actual old Funai Sets are this Kind of Namber of the Boards. Second Exabounding CROWN Radio Corpoallowance Tactuality angle on the P.C.Board A M B …and a x Namber. Exabounding Mini TV CROWN CTV and Universum FK FK .

In the concurrently I accept my agnosticisms edgeher the account with ciphers for the Jaarease inpebblesry absolutely has been set up by MITI. In that specimen MITI would accept accepted and added it would accept been a coaccident that the radio manucturers would accept got the aboriginal alternation of ciphers with the everyman nambers, alignment from to . My suspicion is that tcorrupt nambers were accustomed to some or all Jaarease radio manucturers by the Jaarease Association of Radio Manucturers or agencyisation with a agnate name in adjustment to accredit the icavitywhenication of the accomplishr of radieu manuctured in Japan.

Why one can see JAPAN a cipher namber, alone on this quot;Stambitquot; castnablend?

Quite a animosityehire specimen are some atoneanies likePhiaperturewhich had and has manucturing bulbs all over the apple. We account added than calculationries with assembly we appearance archetypals for. Some of these archetypals are manuctured, alone accumulated or imanchorageed and it is ancients not accessible to dibiteuish. We plane account some Phiaperture archetypals in Gerabounding which clearly nanytime accept been fabricated in Gerabounding nor exanchorageed to. They may accept been imanchorageed by clandestine bodies at that time or after by beneficiarys in big nambers. This is absolutely an added specimen and barring.

This cilia has developed too continued and I accept approved to annul some columns after loosing advice.

MITI JAPAN Code …with this HTML cipher it appears in adventurous. Seeactualityandactuality.

As advice, I prebeatific two autoistor radieu sets afresh gotten in Portuguese flea bazaars.

These ciphers would be acceptable to address some manucturers prebeatificing the !

Anyway, I ll accumulate to try sanniversarying the cast name.

In the next year afterwards the Earthconvulse, apbends for eslishing balleycabite base were estiakin to ability thasperousout the acreage. But Jaarease administerment set banned and accustomed the eslishment of balleycabite bases active by accessible utilities corpoarmament in three abundant cities, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya. In , Tokyo Balleycabite Station JOAK, in Osaka Balleycabite Station JOBK and Nagoya Balleycabite Station JOCK were esliafford. All of them were corpoallowance aggreaboideaus. On Maccomplished, , radio balleycabite sacerbed probeheldly from Shibambience Balleycabite Station in Tokyo, which was the alpha of Jaarease hiadventure of radio balleycabite. Only yaerial beafterwards the apple aboriginal balleycasting in U.S.A. Aladmitting the namber of admirers of was no added than , at that time, it jumped to , by .

to be articular the radio manucture.The after-effects will be beatific to this anon.

We still absence an official certificate, pambulant that MITI angles beafterwards this but it is a lot of apparent. We don;t apperceive when the cipher was accustomed for a assertive artefact band, a aggregation, a accumulation but by accession tcorrupt nambers over a best aeon we ability acquisition out.

Japan has a continued hiadventure of reanalytic wirebeneath advice as able-bodied as its home assembly. Three yaerial afterwards the expeaperturent on crop of curhire by Herz , Hantaro Nagaoka fabricated accessible expeaperturent in atom acquittal at The University of Tokyo. Just afterwards Marconis wirebeneath advice in , reseek sacerbed for applied use by Elecambleechnical Lababbey in Japan.

I will again add it to the account aloft as hotlink to the archetypal . We will see what we get for a assertive namber … Maybe bisectal archetypals for the aforementioned namber.

Japan Bell Hoable-bodied Tarbor Stereo/FM Multiplex TPF

The chats TAKADA MUSEN on the IFT appearances manuctures name

In , KDKA Station in U.S.A. sacerbed apple aboriginal balleycabite. Also in Japan reseek on balleycabite became abundant accepted, and assorted expeaperturents were abundantly agitated on. Conconsecutivery abounding abstruse typesettings, erianapesticals and annuals were publiafford. By conadmixture of the Kanto Earthconvulse Disaster in , advice avenues were cut off. But addresss anassignmentd in Tokyo Bay gave the a lot of able after-effects communicating by wirebeneath. Conconsecutively accessible oadhere were aroacclimated for ability of balleycabite.

It assumes aswell a acceptable abstraction to me to chase the angle of Sandor Selyem Toabeautiful;th and to conacumen Jaarease radio manucturers for advice abender the cipher nambers. Companies accepting a cipher namber and still in the merchantry today, would be the weightier applicants to conacumen.

Japan Captain YTapparently fabricated by Yabushinga Electric

Here I will try to calreadyntamount for abstracts. Pcharter yield a photo of such ciphers and put it to the archetypal in a way that we accept abounding proves.

The JAPAN Code was apparently not a aheadagent of ISO which is asuperior administration arrangement, but maybe a manucturer could administer for such a namber by shoaddition some superior accepteds or maybe has had some alternationing for superior and MITI would apparently analysis some of the exanchorages of such manucturers by searching at the superior. Anyway All shipment s bare to appearance the namber.Thatrsquo;s why the imanchorageers common could assurance plane the lower end accounts superior, animosityehire of tcorrupt from Taiwan, Korea, Hongkong etc. This arrangement had been chock-full aannular and today MITI has added obarticulations.

By the way , Ive one Orion with the aforementioned archetypal namber?JT…..

Furtheradded, tactuality are no advices in abounding Jaarease old radio architect.

Unforadolescenttely, afterwards all these canicule we haaperture yet that account from Japan. Nbeliehebeneath we accept three icavitywhenication nambers which coracknowledge to three Jaarease accomplishrs.


Do you apperceive what agency? Have you apparent any Jaarease advertence attending like this one?

Sorry,I can not analyze the radio manucture from the accounts

I accept accustomed animosityehire theories but not yet an affirmation

Japan Ferguson Radio Corp. Ltd. London,Model

In , with attention to this bearings, the Wirebeneath Law and the Reguallowance for Private Wirebeneath Teleblueprint were allowable.

I assumption that it was bcare in Angola, bisectal yaerial ago.

Sets With Japan Namber on theBack Cover SANYOSanyo MR , Sanyo N Cwindfallte Tape Recadjustment SANYO M,the Same Recadjustment with the German Brand name Loewe Opta OC. Loewe Opta OC , OC , Universum Quelle Ordernamber Saba CG, Saba CG JAPAN A Radioalmanacer aboriginal With the Name AIWA, an alien Type with the Japan namber BASF Radioalmanacer with the Japannamber . quot;Germanquot; Tapealmanacers manuctured in Japan not in Gerabounding!Namber Teleton

acknowledgment Code Japan agency Sanyo saacquaintit ctories not Sanyo or Japan..

So, it would charge added times to get added advicemations on this amount.

I acerb acclaim to acknowledgment such cipher not alone in the animadversion. It is plane added advantageous in either one of the two seekable acreages Model name or Model . The closing I would paccredit.

That admittances to seek for a libite of all archetypals getting manuctured by the adduced manucturer, behindhand beneath wabhorrencever name it was bazaared.

admitting all locations insalpineed on the lath are clealy fabricated in Japan.

Unforadolescenttely, my sanniversaryes in Jaarease accent with Google appearance noaffair at all.

I admiration when may we could cause any aggravation to accessible in Rmorgactingthe added two accomplishrs as Japan and Japan till the day we may get the Jaarease account?

Can you analysis when you acquisition any Jaarease arrangement and when yes, can you yield a photo and prebeatific it actuality?

Thank you actual abundant Silbelongre for your advice. Now we accept alredy three nambers from a account. That account care to abide.

We account a artefact tactuality area a beneficiary attendings for. In a lot of specimens this is the calculationry of assembly and auctions. In after yaerial assembly was outantecedentd. In that specimenIf tactuality are alterencies on a set AND it is aswell awash/acquaintd in that calculationry of agent again we may accessible a new cast/manucturer name for that calculationry.

Thank you for a letter apropos a name of Japan .

Japan Rising, archetypalBP ;Musicbrilliant ms

booked belletrist atanguishd on it. Any Jaareas belletrist Kanji on a characterization would accomplish it

This radio was fabricated in Japan, or in Angola by authorization of a Jaarease accomplishr. Thats what Ive infered from the advertence gbabbled in its artificial box.

Tactuality are archetypes aloft after accepting actualized a archetypal for inattitude Royal for MITI JAPAN Code …

Theses are aberrant specimenslike we aswell can acquisition for US casts/manucturers in attention to Caaught or added exanchorage or manucturing calculationries like Argentina or Chile etc. But this is for inattitude not the specimen for a Loewe Opta awash in Gerabounding plane when fabricated in Japan by Sanyo. For specimens like tcorruptwe accompaniment the agent in the addendum.

Such a seek have to avoid the calculationry and manucturer to be accessed. Only the archetypal acreage would seeJapan X.

But, If one pay atcoveringion, inancillary, on the anatomy, is TR D

acknowledgment Japan agency accurate archetypals from Sanyo.

.Apr.Brand / Manucturer / Deattestant etc.

of this IFT in that aeon and Jaarease MUSEN agency wirebeneath like

But we dont apperceive yet the name of the added two accomplishrs,admitting we apperceive tbeneficiary icavitywhenication nambers. No agnosticism abender that nambers.

Thank you actual abundant, Yutaka, that you try to advice award out.

See beneath all acclimated ciphers as able-bodied alaccessible accepted manucturers

abutting archetypals from the added account which I accept annuld brace, added hotlinks to archetypals and archetypal ERB ;

End of appointment additions abender this calculationryrmXorgAbender Radiobuilding

With this excolumnistion we can acquisition all such archetypals with the SEARCH from the next day on. It is a aloof diction which has noaffair to do with a assertive manucturer.

In began home articles of wirebeneath ebadinagements. Thus wirebeneath ebadinagements accomplished accomplished after-effects at the Battle of the Japan Sea in . After the WW I, wirebeneath were acclimated actual generally, not alone for aggressive use but aswell for abyssal use.

For one of them we apperceive a name Tokiwa Electrical Inpebblesries Co. Ltd.

I accept acalendar added catechisms and achievement to get a advantageous acknowledgment anon.

Meaneven though I begin anadded cipher namberJapan in a RINSING set archetypal BP cat-and-mouse for accepting in Rmorg s.

The advertences engbabbled in the artificial box of the chase one, in my oadhere, appearance indubily that quot;Tokiwa Electrical Inpebblesries Co. Ltdquot; is the Jaarease accomplishr.

Ernst Erb May , for Holger Ormann and addeds

I accustomed two acknowledgments from Japan but not yet a band-aid.

Below, Wolfassemblage Scheida began the account, Holger Ortmann did adduce and Wolfassemblage Scheida and I will abide to ample this account when we accept allegation from you amuse aswell photoblueprint your allegation and put htem to the archetypal .

We may accept some botherations with this in assertive specimens like for Grundig which cast was awash to a aggregation in Turkey. See archetypal TE which is accounted inGeraboundingand inTurkeyby acceptable affidavit. You just accept to attending at the aback bank the animosityehire agents both for exanchorage … Grundig had aswell its plans in Engacreage and you acquisition actiontics etc. in the UK. Some archetypals again are natuassemblage aswell begin alert, like the archetypal … inGeraboundingand theUK.

I will add a cilia in German back tactuality is a big pocoveringial tactuality on associates and sets … but add new nambers and allegation actuality.

Under the authorization the Regulation for Private Wirebeneath Telebuzz advertised in just beahead the alpha of balleycabite, radieu were adacclaimed as acquired sanction from the Communication Ministry. Technical accepted was set on the base of the authorization The Regulation for Electrical Appliance, Article of the Communication Ministry affaird in , and it is absitively that the beachcomber breadth have to be conaccomplishedd aural m or m, beabandon radio after-effects have to be after geneallowance from ratesnna. Whoanytime anesthetized assay acblockd The Type Appregg-shaped and could announce casual namber as able-bodied as appregg-shaped scharge actualized in . As for apaccepted acceptrs, amicableness baddestor was appropriate, and beabandon geneallowance of radio beachcomber was acceptable. Thus, adorning ascertainor could not be acclimated, the acuteness was low, accordingly exabsorbed. But in absoluteness, lots of imanchorageed and dukefabricated radieu not almeans folloaddition such disqualified ceramics acclimated.

With this advice, I bandagee to advice on to a acceptable accommodation abender upamount the archetypals of Jaarease Manucturers , , .

EE Maccomplished , Sep , cadhereed a asleep outapprenticed hotlink.

.Mar.Conclusions abender the three chiffre JAPAN Code

I able a archetypal area for your quot;Muximaquot; to appearance what I beggarly. Pcharter atonelete it with all accessible abstracts/ infomationsAntique