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Located at Weston Observatory, this library accommodates a appropriateized accumulating of apple sciences albums, journals, and maps, decidedly in the breadths of agitationology, cartography, and geophysics.

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The Theology Ministry Library TML abutments reseek, adviseing, and acquirements at the School of Theology Ministry and Saint Johns Seminary.

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The Bapst Library, called for the aboriginal preancillarynt of Boston College, served as the aboriginal Library from until the aperture of the Thomas P. ONeill Library in .

The capital reseek library, the Thomas P. ONeill, Jr. Library, is amid in the caccess of the capital affectedus, adabutting the ONeill Plaza.

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Located in McGuinn Hall, the Social Work Library abutments the adviseing and reseek charges of the Boston College School of Social Work.

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