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company newsThe LatestNest has sold million devices, so Google isnt ditching the brand. The new strategy Try to get Google Assistant into more of Nests smart gadgets in a war against Amazons Alexa.

A deep e into technologys role in saving one of the worlds greatest natural wonders.

Augusts affordable Smart Lock is solid, even sans Siri.

Innovators are thinking up new ways to make you, and the things around you, smarter.

The wireless carrier once again led the industry in subscriber growth, but its forecast calls for a slowdown.

The second day on the stand for Uber exCEO Travis Kalanick gets off to a riveting start as Waymo lawyers grill him about what he knew and when he knew it.

Its just the latest platform to boot ked ographic material this week.

Garland has a knack for all the ways the future could go wrong. Watch as News EditorinChief Connie Guglielmo explores his obsession with scifi horror.

The Swedish car maker is working with The Petfinder Foundation to help save adople pets and raise awareness for incar pet safety and were real into it.

Original works of short fiction with unique perspectives on tech, exclusively on .

This is dating in the modern age. Having fun yet?

Todays major tech headlines include the arrival of Apple HomePod reviews, Amazons decision to remove ads from Primeexclusive phones. Plus Googles video app now allows for AR stickers.

An EFF cofounder, Barlow wrote about the internets power and argued against government influence on it. He also wrote lyrics for the Grateful Dead.

Consumer Reports finds Samsung, Roku TVs vulnerable to hacking

The team shares experiences that remind us why tech stuff is cool.

During her brief career, the German painter helped introduce the world to modernism.

How long can TMobile keep its Uncarrier momentum up?

Wireless charging is meh, but its going to get way better

Google Doodle celebrates artist Paula ModersohnBecker

Google Home Mini sounds great but lacks vision..

A cofounder of the EFF, Barlow wrote about the power of the internet and argued against government influence on it.

Google Pixel XL What we know so r.

How long can TMobile keep its Uncarrier momentum up?

Verizon maintains top wireless network ranking

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In their fight against Uber, Londons taxi drivers claim a distinct advantage They must forgo GPS and navigate the huge city entirely from memory.

Jaguar is going to make very rich people very, very happy with its continuation model LeMans winner.

While the numbers werent huge, the net result of Teslas efforts in put the company in an excellent position to have a banner year in .

The best iPhone asks you to think different.

Commentary Gloria Copeland, a spiritual adviser to the president, says theres no need for inoculations during this most awful of flu seasons. Jesus himself gave us the flu shot, she says.

Reddit cracks down on involuntary ography

President Trump puts his spin on everything from jobs to science to regulation.

Check out a sampling of the stories youll find in s newsstand edition.

Kylie Jenners newborn baby Stormi is now the reigning queen of Instagram, with the most popular on the photosharing platform.

From Realdoll bots to connected toys, explores the intersection of and technology.

Amazon begins free Whole Foods delivery to Prime Now members

Internet activist, Grateful Dead lyricist John Barlow dies at

It has helped catch seven wanted criminals already, staterun media reports, although many are concerned about infringement.

looks at the cultural phenomenon thats been thrilling ns since the first film in .

Online abuse is as old as the internet and its only getting worse. It exacts a very real toll.

chronicles techs role in providing new kinds of accessibility.

For exUber CEO Travis Kalanick, the second day on the stand gets off to a rough start.

This years advances in wireless charging will help us ditch the cable.

The social networks executive chairman said hes stepping away from daily duties at Reddit, but said he believes Reddit is in good shape.

The industry seeks to overcome outdated ideas about women in tech.

Hans mous ship was a lot cleaner and brighter in its younger days, as The Star Wars Show points out.

The twohour delivery service is available to Prime Now members in four US cities, with more coming throughout .

HomePod sounds great, but its trapped in Apples world

In his second day on the stand, Kalanick caught our attention with his brand of Silicon Valley bro speak.

Welcome to the crossroads of online life and the afterlife.