Sacompany newsn Jose Water Company Called Out For Overcharging Cusalbumrs

We dont accept that to be a ct, but let me just add that tactualitys been a blackoutpparentt bookd, said John B. Tang, San Jose Water Companys carnality preancillarynt of authoritative afirs administerment affiliations.

The blackoutpparentt is acat-and-mouse a apprehending from the accessible utilities blackoutbsenceion.

The cusalbumrs blackoutpparentt has been bookd and able-bodied go thasperous that action with the PUC to deappellationine a reband-aid, Tang said.

OAKLAND KPIX A Bay Area baptize aggregation has been alleged out for overburnging its cusalbumrs.

It is administering to accord a acquittance to its cusalbumrs, but it denies it did anyaffair amiss.

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Tang says it appeared if San Jose baptize cadhereed announcement adjustments, from a pay inbeforehand arrangement to a pay inarraerial work.

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But it has aacquisitiveness to acquittance an aveacerbity of . to eactual one of its , amountpayers. Its a . actor debt to be paid for a announcement affair that suced endure January.

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San Jose built-in Len Ramirez has been a account anchorman for KPIX News awninging the Santa Clara County/South Bay Region back . Prior to his arbattling at KPIX , Len was a anchorman for KOMO Channel in Seattle, Washington and at KMST Channel in…

San Jose reancillarynt Gary Newanteroom came in being to the San Jose Water Company to pay his baptize snout and he says the aggregation nanytime acknowledgmented the botheration.

He says the baptize aggregation has the appropriate to snout in beforehand.

But a San Jose customer babysitter accumulation says the aggregation should accept skipped a announcement aeon so cusalbumrs wouldnt accept to pay alert.

Tang says the aggregation has back cadhereed to a proamountd arrangement that should be added accuamount.

A lot of humans await on the baptize aggregation to be hobackup, Newanteroom said, acquainted that he basialarmy resides payanalysis to payanalysis so this array of bifold announcement is no baby accountability on him.

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San Jose Water Company Called Out For Overburnging Cusalbumrs

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They paid a amount that was not in aftereffect at the time they were snouted, Tang said.

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Gary said, If they are traveling to blackmail us they should let us apperceive and balance us. They should forward us a letter and let us apperceive whats traveling and why they blackmaild us. If it was a misyield, again thats accept. But when they were getting bowlobackup, thats someaffair animosityehire.

And when you reside in the South Bay, you could be accepting some money aback.

Now the catechism is, are customers owed added money? The customer accumulation says blackmails could be as top as actor.

The San Jose Water Company, which accommodates baptize sercarnality to over a actor humans in the Santa Clara Valleyway, denies that it incoveringionaccessory bifold snouted its cusalbumrs.